Happy Friday from Beautiful Bend, OR

So this was the view out my kitchen window yesterday afternoon….

Snow viewIt almost captures how big and beautiful the snow flakes were!  A lovely spring storm rolled into our area, starting  about 630 a.m., and another bout right when Eliza was supposed to play a tennis match in the afternoon.  It was called off, so we rushed home to light the fire and get warm again.

We live in this nice quiet neighborhood in NE Bend and while it’s been an adjustment to live in the city, it’s been fun to have neighbors. It took us 6 months of looking while we were on the trip to find this rental, and we were so grateful!  Dan & Nate were at the bottom of the Grand Canyon when I got the email that we’d been approved.  Eliza and I then had to find wifi on the North Rim strong enough to send an email back.  We’ll never forget it.

Here’s what it looks like today!  Minus the hordes of kids who are usually outside playing. Typical spring in paradise – cold, snowy, sunny – all in one day.  Monday to be 82 degrees!

Wouldn’t want to be anywhere else.


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