Organize Your Life!

office-desk  I used this photo during my most recent organizing class to show how easy it is to set up an organized, usable desk area in very little space.  The black and white colors provide clean lines, but more important, everything that is there has a reason to be there.  If you sat down to work here, you’d get it done!  You don’t need a huge office to be efficient, and in fact, larger offices collect more junk…

The 2 drawer file cabinet is all you really need these days.  Long term storage shouldn’t be in your daily space.  Any personal finances and statements are available online now, and if you need to save them, put them on a thumb drive.  You still have to save receipts for business and taxes, but try to be mindful as you are organizing your space that you are keeping only what you need, what you use, and what you love around you.

my-deskHere’s my desk.  Minus the iced tea that the new kitty just knocked over.  My current files are behind the FRED folder, the file cabinet holds client files and supplies, and the desk drawer is full of everything else – stapler, business cards, calculator, cords, paper clips – the regular stuff you need to run a business and family life these days.  I do tend to keep it clean because I move quickly, and I want a space that’s easy to maintain.  I want to enjoy my life more than spend time cleaning up stuff.  Life is too short.

Similar to the first picture above with the personal pictures and bulletin board, I need inspiration around me as I work.  The candle, the rock from Colorado, the message under my tower – all of it allows me to be creative and enjoy being  in this space for hours on end. The huge window to the right helps, too, because natural light is  good for us as we work.  The witches’ legs are a nod to Halloween and yet another play thing for the kitty.

So how’s your desk area?  Do you enjoy sitting down each day? Can you find what you need quickly or are you buying new supplies constantly?  Take a moment today to sort out all the old stuff you no longer use and let me know how it feels.

Here’s Norman’s favorite napping spot.  I’m fine sharing my desk with him!





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