I’ll Go Anywhere to Help

Central Oregon is a large area comprised of Sisters, Madras, Terrebonne, Culver, Prineville, Powell Butte, Redmond, Bend, Sunriver, Lapine and Gilchrist. We truly live in paradise and I don’t mind driving anywhere to help a client, when we’ve got views like this.  I drove 40 minutes south to check out the cutest cabin in the woods for a client who lives on the East Coast.  I needed to see it before he put an offer on it.  It was adorable, in great condition, and had a nice acre of land around it.  (I cannot use a picture of it because I’m not allowed to market someone else’s property.)

There was frost in the morning, so the mountains were obscured as I headed out.  Mid-morning I checked out another house with Dorrance Meadow as it’s front yard:

dorrance-meadowHow’s that for a view? The only drawback is that our main Highway 97 is at the far edge of the trees, and the sound travels straight to where I’m standing – very loud.  Oh, and the house had major reconstruction necessary!

Heading back to Bend in the afternoon, I took this picture of Mt. Bachelor on my favorite stretch of highway.  Skiing doesn’t open until November 25th, but I could tell the mountain was calling me…


Just another day in paradise.


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