Wide-eyed by Paul Telenko

nate-fb-jamboreeIt’s all about our Civil War game between Mountain View High School and Bend High School tonight and Friday night!  #26 above is my son, Nate, a running back on our awesome freshman team. They are undefeated going into the game at 4 pm today.

He’s #23 now, with about 1/4 of the boys having different numbers than on our roster, so we parents often yell the wrong name then yell at each other to correct which player was which, and then we laugh at ourselves.  It’s a great group of young men and parents.

This picture is by Paul Telenko, Nick’s dad.  He has a Flicker account that will take your breath away, the pictures are so beautiful of Central Oregon and other places he travels.  He was kind enough to send me this picture of Nate.

I take pictures at the game, too, and attempt to take video’s when he’s running the ball, but I’m often screaming and jumping up and down, so they aren’t as good as this shot!

Fall football in Bend Oregon, with wide-eyed young men hoping to finish the season undefeated. Bring it on!





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