Roundabouts in Bend, Oregon


This is one of my favorite roundabouts in the city – above the Old Mill area, the art in the middle is a nod to timber history, as are the smoke stacks in the background that were actually part of the Shevlin-Hixon lumber mill.

When you drive up and enter it, you get this gorgeous view of our Cascade Mountains on a clear day – of which we have many!  We’ve had 3 straight days of rain and grey skies, so this is a welcome sight.

I tried to find the exact history of our roundabouts to explain them, but the city website doesn’t give it.  I know that they cause less congestion, keep the traffic moving better, and cost the city less than a regular stop light.  We have a committee that adds the art and some pieces are quite controversial, which is fun for our little community.  I like that it makes driving quicker – I rarely stop at a light in town.

And you get to see views like this daily!



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