Pilot Butte, Bend, Oregon

We have this awesome hill in the middle of town that many of use as our free outdoor treadmill. Every time I walk it I take a picture from the top, any view, because it’s so beautiful.  A friend and I started walking it in 1985, when you’d only see a handful of people during the hour. Now it’s been turned into a state park on the east side, the road up has been improved, there are numerous trails all over it, and TONS of people use it daily.  Walking, running, biking it.

We can always tell the tourists from the locals – the tourists drive up it – when you come to Bend, get out of your car, it’s more fun!


This is the view looking east – my home is over there somewhere!



At the top is a huge plaza that has this mountain marker as the centerpiece.  There are always people reading it to try and figure out which mountain is which and I’m often asked to point them out correctly.  When it’s snowing or cloudy I have to tell them to come back another time!  Or in an hour when the weather changes…



This is the view west  – look hard for those little white bumps, that’s the Cascade mountains.  The little town of Bend is down there, too!  For some reason, I cannot make these pictures any larger, sorry.

butte-dogs My walking companions today!  Lady the Golden is almost 14, and Jessica the Maltese -Shitzu is in charge. She’s a pill!  Attitude beyond all. On this day I made the mistake of saying to them, “let’s go to the butte” then came in the house for something I forgot. I could hear them howling in the garage for a full 5 minutes; they were ready to go!

butte-nlj My son’s wrestling team RUNS the butte for practice.  I leave 25 minutes ahead of them, walk as fast as I can, and still Nate catches me at the top.  It’s a little over a mile.  We usually take the dirt path down because it’s easier on your knees when you run.  Or jog as I do, tripping over the dogs, saying hello to friends.

So when you come to Bend you have to walk the Butte! (Check out more information at the Oregon State parks website.)  When you’re done and have taken at least 20 pictures of all the various views, go the 1/2 mile to the Pilot Butte drive in and have the best burger in town, you’ve earned it!







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