Redmond Oregon – Hope & a Home

So prices are going up up up in Bend, Oregon and those who don’t want to pay the higher prices often buy outside Bend. A wonderful community nearby is called Redmond.  Started as an ag town, it has really grown into a wonderful, active, involved community.  The views from many of the homes involve the full range of the Cascade Mountains and will take your breath away now that they have snow.


This playground is one example of how hard the community worked together to fundraise and build an accessible playground for all kids.  It used to be a big wooden structure that my kids and I played on, often getting splinters.  Now it’s tripled in size and usually when I am walking nearby there are kids all over it. Yesterday it was 41 at 1pm, no kids in sight.


Taken from under the deck on one of my listings, the Cascade Mountains are out there in the clouds – imagine the view from the deck on a cloudless day!



A side view – the canyon dips way down and back up again – full of Juniper and deer.  The light in the afternoon was just beautiful.  If you want to see more/better pictures of this home and the views, go to my website and type in 1585 NW 35th, Redmond, Oregon.

So Bend, Oregon is expensive, but many people will only live there.  I think they are selling themselves short if they buy before checking out Redmond, Prineville, and Culver.  Each has its own vibe and a great community of people!

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