Dog parks abound in Bend, Oregon


We have some great fenced dog parks in our area, this one being my favorite because a friend and I can walk/talk for almost an hour with the dogs off leash and playing on their own!  This area is usually grass, and they hold dog obedience classes here.  It’s also a popular spot for throwing/retrieving balls because you can see the dogs as they run.


This is my hilarious testament to how much fun we have talking – didn’t even know I took this pic.  Remember when we had to pay to develop film and find out we had a finger in it?  Luckily now we can just delete.


Our view for part of the walk – the glorious Cascade Mountains.  These pickle balls courts are new and I cannot wait to try them next summer.  This whole complex is by our Parks & Recreation department – we have great parks – which we pay for in our taxes.  There are soccer fields, football fields, a running loop and a fishing pond here.  img_0734

Oso, happy and almost worn out.  Lucky us!

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