Showing homes in the snow!

I help people buy/sell their homes all over Central Oregon, so I log a lot of miles.  Yesterday I had to go to Sunriver and it wasn’t a fun drive.  It took me 91 minutes for a normal 35 minute drive.  I blasted out John Denver and sang along so I wouldn’t stress out. The hold up was people driving 5 mph on a one lane, no passing road for 9 miles (normal 45-55mph, in snow, at least 25) and 2 big wrecks.   So sad to see people getting hurt.  For many, they just shouldn’t be out on the roads when it’s bad. For others, they need to slow down.  Snow and ice are not easy to drive on even when you have experience.


This was the highway heading south. I was grateful there wasn’t more traffic.  The visibility wasn’t as good as this shows, however, at times I could barely see.


I turned off on the north exit for Sunriver and yes, this is a sheet of ice.  3 cars off the road on this little stretch, all waiting for tows.


This is the 7 Fairway Village condo I showed first. Fun to see the older picture because yesterday the snow was so high you couldn’t see those bushes.  Also fun because the neighborhood pool is right behind this condo – and we wouldn’t have known if not for the protective fence around it – the pool was hidden under snow!



I made it home in 45 minutes, easy drive.  Most of those who had been here for the holiday s were already on the road because check out time is usually 11 am, so much less traffic to contend with, whew.  Played with Lady in the snow the minute I got home – she loves it and so do I, as long as I’m not driving in it!



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