A Hike in the Snow

Dan and I went out to snowshoe yesterday , but the path was so beaten down and narrow that we hiked it instead .  I kept putting a foot down into the soft snow about 12″, and then the next steps would try to be lighter so I wouldn’t go through the top layer .  Doesn’t work that way !  Still better than breaking new trail for 90 minutes .  

We like this hike year round – along the river .  I will never tell exactly where it is !  Hidden .  Quiet .  Hard to get to . Perfect .

The path goes through this big meadow .  No sign of wildlife other than a huge hawk that took off the moment I got my camera out .

Dan paused on the way back so I could take a pic .  Good sport .

We swim here in the summer and its beautiful and hot – but this is gorgeous ! Our temps have warmed up a tad,so the ice is breaking off and floating downstream .  I will say that this is the Deschutes River and today it was very very very cold to the touch .  Our afternoon was well spent !

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