Quick Trip to Detroit, Oregon- Fall Colors !

Waffles and I drove over the Santiago Pass to meet my parents for lunch – just a beautiful drive for the fall colors !

The Pacific Crest Trail rest area near Hoodoo is one of my favorites because of the views . My family had driven through this area the night the forest was on fire years ago , so it’s nice to see it all coming back . Plus I get to say hello to thru hikers – lucky them .

We drove to the very end of Lost Lake next- I’ve always wondered about the very back campsites , if we’d ever want to camp there . One of the first campsites was occupied by a 5 vehicles , a trailer and 3 burly, bearded men who stared at me as I passed .

Waffles and I ran out to the meadow – which in the winter is the Lake . Dad told me later that he heard recently that the cave that drains the lake was probably near where where we were , darn , I missed it .

We hopped back in to drive to the end , but one of the trucks from the first campsite had followed me , so I quickly turned around in the middle of the road and high tailed it out of the campground and back to the highway . The truck stopped following me at the highway , whew .

Our next stop was the campground east of Detroit , but it was closed , so I parked at the locked gate and we jogged to the end . I wanted to see the water up close at this low level . Absolutely beautiful ! And the soft sound of the water over the rocks was enchanting . Waffles had her first drink of river water and didn’t want to get out . I didn’t have boots on so I kept pulling her out of the water and was so glad I didn’t fall in – she’s strong .

We arrived in Detroit before my parents , so we walked out to the bridge to see how low the water was here . Wow , way down ! Trucks and cars were whizzing by us and Waffles was afraid of the noise .

Waffles stayed in the car while we ate lunch – windows down , parked in the shade so it was cool , but this was her face and I think she was sad to be left behind ! She spilled her water all over my seat , of course !

After lunch we went to Mongold State Park , our favorite picnic spot on the lake , and took a walk with Waffles . She would herself around Dad’s legs immediately and we couldn’t stop laughing .

The ducks were enjoying the quiet lake and we were surprised to see how far the road extended into the lake .

So fun to spend time with my parents – blessed time together in the beautiful fall sunshine !

View of Mt Jefferson – sad to see it without snow , hoping we get more this winter, last year was a low snow pack.

Waffles slept the whole way home – we wore her out !

2 views of Mt Washington – unusual to see it bare of snow, too . Let it Snow , soon !

It was a wonderful day !

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