Outside in Quarantine

I took my last hike right before we were asked to stay at home safely , thinking that we’d be the only ones on the butte . Not ! The most people I’ve ever seen .

So last week I went to a trail very early in the morning , hoping to be almost alone . Not ! You’d think I’d learn .

The trail along the River out of the Old Mill area was a primitive trail years ago when I walked it with my malamute , but now it’s wide enough for a car . I was surprised to see that there were signs telling people which way to walk ! What country am I in ?!

Silly . Wearing a mask and gloves and staying 6′ away wasn’t enough outside ? I’d been to a store for the first time the day before , and only 2 of us had masks and gloves on , and now outside they want you to walk a certain direction ? Makes no sense .

Since I only had a short time and it was so early , I kept going , only to run into a woman who went off on me for walking the wrong way . She lost it , cussing , gesturing wildly , making strange comments about my dog . I told her that I’d pray for her , and to have a nice day, and kept walking .

Everyone else I met was wonderful and we had nice chats as we stepped away from each other . Just like the rest of life , some people are handling the quarantine with grace , and others are losing their marbles . I’m still praying for her .

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