Pilot Butte & Lady

Our gorgeous outdoor treadmill !  I’ve been so busy helping clients the last few months that I haven’t been hiking it as much as I used to.  Plus my golden retriever died , so too tough to go without her .  13 years of wagging her tail up and down the whole hill and getting petted by every passerby .  My heart aches . Last pic of her in the snow .


Hoodoo Skiing

Eliza had a Nordic race at Hoodoo today and when I got on the road at 9 am , it was just starting to snow hard .  Again !

Easier driving than the past few days , and through my favorite trees .

Eliza and the best uncle ever who came to watch her race !  At 32 degrees it was a heat wave .

Now most of the team is night skiing – Elizas first time doing downhill , so very exciting . Magical to ski at night .  

The drive home that’s still coming ?  Not so magical !

A Hike in the Snow

Dan and I went out to snowshoe yesterday , but the path was so beaten down and narrow that we hiked it instead .  I kept putting a foot down into the soft snow about 12″, and then the next steps would try to be lighter so I wouldn’t go through the top layer .  Doesn’t work that way !  Still better than breaking new trail for 90 minutes .  

We like this hike year round – along the river .  I will never tell exactly where it is !  Hidden .  Quiet .  Hard to get to . Perfect .

The path goes through this big meadow .  No sign of wildlife other than a huge hawk that took off the moment I got my camera out .

Dan paused on the way back so I could take a pic .  Good sport .

We swim here in the summer and its beautiful and hot – but this is gorgeous ! Our temps have warmed up a tad,so the ice is breaking off and floating downstream .  I will say that this is the Deschutes River and today it was very very very cold to the touch .  Our afternoon was well spent !

The Cascade Mountains with Snow!


2 of the 3 Sisters in the Cascade Mountain range – view from my listing in Redmond, Oregon.  Isn’t it picturesque?!  I could sit on this deck all day – year round – because the view extends fully west and watching the clouds roll by and the sunset is very special.

Go to RealEstateSally.com and type in 1585 NW 35th, Redmond under my listings and you can see all the pictures.  It’s 14.88 acres of heaven, with 4.66 acres of irrigation. For Sale for $525K.  You can see it sits right on the edge of this canyon – breathtaking views.  Would make a great horse ranch, hobby farm, or retirement/vacation mecca for the whole family.


Mt. Jefferson from the north corner of the deck.  So do I take enough pictures of our mountains?!  Pull up a chair with me, I’ll be sitting here soon!


Snowshoeing Pilot Butte

As I’ve mentioned before, this little hill in the middle of Bend is our free outdoor treadmill.  I’ve been going up and down it off and on for 35 years and I never get tired of the view.   My friend Nora and I had planned to play hooky for a couple hours today, and we were determined to go even if it was only 9 degrees.  We got 12″ of snow yesterday, so we were ready to be outside.


A view from the top – and look what someone wrote in the snow!




Nora and I, so happy to be out and about!  Cascade Mountains peeking out of the clouds behind us.


Nora went running up where the stairs usually are and struck this perfect pose.


This is the dial that tells where the mountains are all around – couldn’t see them all today.


The top area – usually packed with people.


Snowshoeing back down – look at the view! The snow was sparkling and we were ecstatic to be outside enjoying it.  This is why we live here!