Snowing hard in Bend, Oregon!


Yeehaw, bring on the snowshoes!  The corner of my backyard right now – we’ve gotten 8″ so far today, to be 12-24″ of new snow today. Schools closed, mountain PACKED with people, and I’m by the fire with a good book.  Tomorrow we play…


My 1st Friend to Trust Me

I started my real estate career on August 5, 2015.  Yesterday I attended the document/closing appointment with my dear friend, Lisa, my first friend to trust me with her real estate needs.  It’s not that my friends don’t love me, it’s just that they are not sure I know what I’m doing. And they’ve said so to my face!

But Lisa has been in the mortgage industry for years, and she knows that I have a whole team of mentors who advise me on any part of a transaction.  I value their real estate expertise, their availability for questions, and their kindness.

I value Lisa more.  She got the ball rolling and helped me to go through the process with her as a client, and not lose our friendship.  She knew that I was always working FOR HER, and that the paycheck is incidental to what she was looking for in a home. And we found her a beautiful one. Which she gets to enjoy for years to come!

Yesterday, she received the cake below, her first of many closing gifts that I’ve found for her.  I wanted her to know that this melt-in-your-mouth cake means “thank you for trusting me”, and I told her.  Sweetness all around.




It’s Spring in Bend, Oregon!

IMG_5206How’s this for a gorgeous manzanita bush in bloom?!  I was out showing houses yesterday, saw this, screeched to a stop and hopped out to take a picture. It’s spring in Bend, we almost made it through a wonderful, snowy winter! And the deer haven’t nibbled all the blooms yet, it’s a miracle.  This was in a neighborhood, so imagine what they look like all over our mountains – just glorious pink and green. Bring on spring!